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Acousnet Technology Company Limited

  • Booth:H23
  • Company Profile: Acoustic Technology Co., Ltd, which was established in Sepetember 2007, is the scientific achievement transfermation ba...

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Anhui COWIS Intelligence Technology Co., LTD

  • Booth:M33
  • Company Profile:Anhui COWIS Intelligence Technology Co., LTD. is a state-level high-tech enterprise, which is engaged in the R&D, produc...

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  • Booth:F39
  • Company Profile:Applanix Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Trimble, designs, builds, delivers, and supports products and solutio...

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Aquifer Solutions Co., Ltd

  • Booth:B75
  • Company Profile:Aquifer Solutions Co., Limited is one high-tech company who involved in the system integration of saturation diving syst...

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Awareocean Technology Co.‚Ltd.

  • Booth:H15
  • Company Profile:Awareocean Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2015. Our advantage is to provide the creative and integrative ocean equi...

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Media & Association


  • Booth:Media & Association
  • Company Profile:...

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Baoji Brothers United Metals Industry Co.,Ltd

  • Booth:H15
  • Company Profile:Baoji Brothers United Metals Industry Co.,Ltd(BUM Company) located in the western industrial hub,The Titanium City-BaoJi...

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  • Booth:H34
  • Company Profile:BDStar (stock code: 002151) was founded on September 25th, 2000, and was one of the first batches of companiesthat speci...

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Beijing Brilliant Sun Technology CO.,LTD

  • Booth:H25
  • Company Profile:Beijing Brilliant Sun Technology Co., Ltd is now providing the most advanced onshore, offshore and near shore in situ s...

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Beijing Centery Shallow-Sea Marine Meteorological Instruments Ltd.

  • Booth:D35
  • Company Profile:Shallow-Sea Technologies, Inc. establishes a good cooperative relationship with a number of international manufacturers ...

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Beijing Huayun Shinetek Science and Techonlogy Co.,Ltd.

  • Booth:H43
  • Company Profile:Beijing Huayun Shinetek Science and Technology Co.,Ltd (ShineTek) s a subsidiary of China Meteorological Administration ...

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Beijing Jihaiweitong Technical CO.Ltd

  • Booth:H07
  • Company Profile:We are general agent of the NEC toughbook N22 in Chinese area,concerntrate on industrial computer.We offer sales of toug...

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Beijing Lcocean Science&Technology Co.Ltd

  • Booth:F09
  • Company Profile:Beijing Lcocean Co., Ltd., established by the team of more than 15 years’ experience in underwater acoustic engineering...

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Beijing Orangelamp Geophysical Exploration Co.,Ltd

  • Booth:D01
  • Company Profile:Beijing Orangelamp Geophysical Exploration Co., Ltd established in 2004, is an high-tech exploration companies who commi...

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Beijing STARTEST Technology Co., Ltd

  • Booth:A36
  • Company Profile:Beijing Startest Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company with marine information technology development and marine h...

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